Upload Rules

  • Max upload size is 1 GiB for registered users and for unregistered 100MiB
  • Blacklisted File extensions: .exe / executables
  • Pro tip: Use our ShareX code and Upload direct media Files!
  • We're proudly hosting 334.69GiB in 43411 files

Latest News

What makes Biyori the greatest service?

There are many things that make our service great, we've list a few of them below.
  • None of your images will be shared with anyone you haven't shared the link with. This includes an un-named antagonist in the file upload scene, who pesters us with requests to share your private content via internet archives.
  • Virus free! We have an service running that scans every 1 Hour for Viruses
  • If your file does not break the rules listed below we will not delete/remove your file. If you lost your delete key just contact us.
  • We keep no logs, we only keep logs from login attempts to prevent people cracking your Account.
  • We have an  DDoS Protection to keep alive the server. Our Uptime is at 99,98%
  • Also we have an  SSL Encryption to secure your Internet Traffic on our Site!

What are the rules?

As with any file upload service, we've got to set some ground rules for what content can and can not be uploaded to our service. Below are our rules be sure to read them before uploading.
  • We do not allow child pornography or beastiality of a real nature, and will actively remove it whenever it's discovered.
  • Viruses are not allowed and should be taken care of by our automated virus scans. In the event that a virus is found by a means other than our automated virus scan, we will remove it.
  • We do however, allow pornography to be uploaded to our server. Granted that it does not break any other rule. This includes, but is not limited to hentai and softcore porn.
  • We can't and won't allow illegal content. If it's illegal in any way to host your content, and we're notified about its existence, we have to remove it.
  • We do not allow our Service to be used as CDN on your own Website except for Forums and such.
  • As long as it doesn't break our rules, we don't mind what you upload.

How can we get in contact with you?

There's a bunch of ways that you can get in contact with me:
  • You can send me an email, at admin@biyori.moe. I try to check the emails at least once a day.
  • Twitter: @Biyoriii
  • Discord: Cascade#5207
  • For removal of a file or to submit abuse reports (DMCA) contact the same email or just send the report Here. I will respond within a day!

How much does it cost me?

  • This costs me ~50€ a month to run, all donations will be used for the Hosting bill and maybe to extend the capacity to store files.
  • I don't expect any donations, but if you would like to donate,

Upload directly to Biyori w/o the Website!

  • Get the best experience of sharing your files, photos and videos with ShareX, you can directly upload your files with ShareX. Biyori is not built into sharex by default, if you would like to add it manually, here are the settings.